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Active countermeasures: Relative positioning drills

We can never be exactly sure if and when an inmate will become violent. For this reason, officers need to become comfortable striking from all different types of positions because you never know what you will be doing or what direction you’ll be facing when an attack comes.

In this drill, law enforcement expert Gary Klugiewicz demonstrates a variety of active countermeasure strikes from a variety of relative positions and discusses when and how these strikes can be justified under scrutiny.

Experience, expertise and communication skills are the criteria by which a defensive tactics instructor is judged. By these measures, Gary T. Klugiewicz is recognized as one of the nation’s leading control systems analysts specializing in the Use of Force.
Don’t worry, rookie. You’ll survive
The two fought as other inmates looked on and some later intervened to help stop the inmate
The stabbing occurred Friday afternoon at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility near San Diego
Keeping potentially dangerous prisoners safely under physical control during transport or court appearances is a major challenge for corrections officers – but it can be done reliably with the right electronically-controlled device.