Contraband: Inmate planned escape with gun made of soap

Inspired by John Dillinger, the inmate crafted a gun made of soap, then panicked and turned the fake weapon in

By C1 Staff

BEDFORD — An inmate inspired by the infamous John Dillinger crafted a handgun made out of soap in order to make a break for it.

The Mirror reports that the inmate didn’t make it that far – he instead changed his mind and handed the gun in, earning himself time in a special unit of the jail.

The soap gun made by inmate John Dillinger.
The soap gun made by inmate John Dillinger. (Photo The Mirror)

The gun was described as similar to one Dillinger made during his incarceration in 1934, except it wasn’t painted black. If it had been, a source says, it would have been indistinguishable from a real pistol.

Officials say the inmate panicked instead of going through with his plan. Official documents state:

“A prisoner handed over a lifelike replica gun made of soap to staff. The item was confiscated and the prisoner put in the Care and Separation unit.”

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