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Photos: Man tosses backpacks full of drugs, weapons over Ala. prison fence

Four backpacks filled with drugs, cell phones, weapons, lock-picking and re-keying kits, and assorted tobacco products were found behind a prison dorm at Elmore Correctional Facility

By Carol Robinson

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A Montgomery man is behind bars on charges that he tossed backpacks full of contraband over the fence of an Alabama prison.

Glenn Norman, 36, is charged with three counts of illegal drug trafficking, first-degree and second-degree promoting prison contraband, and trespassing.

Norman was arrested two weeks ago at a different prison on similar charges.

Authorities said an officer at Elmore Correctional Facility on Monday saw someone throw a backpack over the fence behind one of the prison dorms.

ADOC’s Law Enforcement Services Division agents and drug-sniffing dogs were dispatched to the scene and the perimeter was secured.

Norman, they said, was found hiding nearby and taken into custody.

Investigators found four backpacks filled with illegal drugs, cell phones, weapons, lock-picking and re-keying kits, and assorted tobacco products.

Authorities said he was arrested Dec. 28 at Bullock Correctional Facility.

In that incident, court records show, Norman was trying to smuggle in 28 cell phones, 17 charging blocks, seven pair of wireless earbuds, a pocketknife, three water bottles filled with alcohol, and a safety vest.

He faces multiple charges in connection with the December incident.

He remains held in the Elmore County Jail .

“Stopping the flow of illegal contraband into ADOC facilities is critical to reducing drug abuse, overdoses, and inmate violence,’’ said Commissioner John Hamm.

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