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COs race to raise funds for 6-year-old battling cancer

When three COs found out their colleague’s daughter had cancer, they created a unique way to make a difference



By Sarah Sinning

WAYMART, Pa. — When correctional officers Justin Gisinger, Wilfredo Mejia and Marc Fenkner learned that their colleague’s six-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, they knew they had to find some way to help.

“We are giant family inside of there,” said Fenkner. “When one of us hurts we all hurt. So you got to step up and help your fellow comrades.”

And help they did, with a good dose of humor, when they organized and ran the inaugural “Fat & Furious 100 Yard Dash” this past Sunday. Spectators of the event made donations to watch the trio face off, which were then given to CO Brandon Evans and daughter Addie.

“We put ourselves out there and made a fool of ourselves, me wearing a cape and all that, you know, just for Addie, but it could be anything more than that. Something much bigger for everyone in the world,” said Mejia.

There is also a GoFundMe page set up to help Addie’s family with medical costs and travel expenses.

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