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‘Thank you for saving my life': Mass. corrections officers recognized for providing life-saving CPR to inmate

“I really wouldn’t here if I wasn’t here in this place, and if it wasn’t for your efforts,” the inmate said. “Don’t worry. I won’t waste this second chance”

Inmate thanks Mass. deputies

Essex County Sheriff’s Department

The Eagle-Tribune, North Andover, Mass.

MIDDLETON, Mass. — Inmate William Schultz had some kind words for the jail officers this week — to thank them for saving his life when they recently came to his rescue during a medical emergency — and a promise that he wouldn’t waste a second chance at life.

Officers and medical staff performed 29 rounds of CPR to save Schultz’s life when he suffered a cardiac arrest last month, press release from the Essex County Sheriff’s Department indicates.

“I really wouldn’t here if I wasn’t here in this place, and if it wasn’t for your efforts,” an emotional Schultz told the officers on Monday, according to the press release. “Don’t worry. I won’t waste this second chance.”

The sheriff’s department said it was the middle of the night when an inmate alerted officers there was something wrong with Schultz. Responding officers found him having a seizure and suddenly become unresponsive. They couldn’t find a pulse.

Officers and medical staff jumped into action, administering 29 rounds of CPR — 870 chest compressions and 58 rescue breaths in total — and shocks were administered by an automatic defibrillator. Schultz’s life was saved. He was transported to a local hospital where he recovered, and on Monday expressed his thanks to the men and women who saved his life, according to the release.

“When I woke up, the doctors told me what you did and how it saved my life,” Schultz said. “I’ve been grateful from the moment I woke up.”

Sheriff Kevin Coppinger presented letters of recognition to the staff involved in the life-saving effort, including Sgts. Mark Duquette and Isaac Mercer, Officers Anthony Lopez-Sanchez, Kayli Kotchian, Mark Csogi, Michael Palm, and Scott Faessler, and WellPath LPNs Elena Shevtsova, Nicole Newman, and David McAuliffe.

“This is a miracle, nothing short of a miracle,” Coppinger said. “The men and women, it’s what they do for a living, but their heart is in their job and they care. They are trained for moments like these, and because of their training they saved this man’s life.”

Schultz joined Coppinger in presenting the letters of recognition, shaking hands with the officers and nurses, and saying thank you to each one individually.

“It’s the first time I am hearing the whole story of what happened and I’m just so emotional,” Schultz said. “I cannot thank you all enough. Thank you for saving my life.”