'Firearm of the future' hits roadblocks with gun rights groups

Smart guns deactivate when taken out of verified user’s hands, but gun groups are afraid government would make the guns mandatory

By C1 Staff

What if we could have a gun that protected us, even if it wasn’t in our hands?

That’s precisely what Armatix is trying to create with their Smart System gun, which can be personalized with a wrist watch with an activated PIN to operate.

Photo courtesy of Aramtix

If the gun is removed from within 10 inches of the wristwatch, the gun will deactivate. The watch microchips within the firearm communicate via a PIN code.

The .22 LR caliber Armatix iP1 pistol comes with a 10-round magazine, with various operating modes such as Target Control.

A firearm you could keep in your home without fearing a child or stranger could access it sounds like a great idea, but pressure from groups like the Gun Owners of America and the NRA got Armatix’s iP1 pulled from the store shelves of the Oak Tree Gun Club.

They believe that once smart guns hit the market, states would make them mandatory to own, causing gun enthusiasts to lose their Second Amendment rights. There’s already a law like this in New Jersey.

"Right now, unfortunately, these organizations that are scaring everybody have the power," Belinda Padilla, the head of Armatix’s American division, told the New York Times.

"All we’re doing is providing extra levels of safety to your individual right to bear arms. And if you don’t want our gun, don’t buy it. It’s not for everyone."

Armatix continues to look for a retailer willing to sell their guns in the U.S. Padilla says she receives inquiries on where to purchase her company’s products, but doesn’t have an answer yet.

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