Reality training: How can this inmate's head dive affect you?

This inmate takes a dive off his bunk into the toilet -- is he just being dumb or could he be planning something more?

By C1 Staff

This video shows a slightly wobbly inmate climb to the top of his bunk and take a head dive straight into his toilet. What could have possessed this inmate to perform this dive? Take a look at the video and then rejoin us below for some questions to get the conversation started.

- What are the intentions of inmates when they are locked up?

- Does this inmate want:  sympathy in a trip to the emergency room and possible escape?  Sympathy from medical and mental health staff?  From the court?

- Is it possible that this inmate wanted to superficially injure himself and then assault an officer or take a hostage?

- Would this motto apply to this or similar situations:  Desperate people do desperate things.

- What is the danger of this inmate’s miscalculation?  Is there staff liability?

- Should officers be creative in their rounds of segregated inmates, such as ‘backtracking’, surprise cell inspections with back up, or checking very frequently?

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