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Court Proceedings

The Court Proceedings topic covers a range of issues, from high-profile cases to procedural changes, offering valuable context for correctional officers, legal professionals, and those interested in corrections law.

The remaining allegations in the lawsuit are made against specific corrections and police officers and include charges such as excessive force, battery, negligence, and failure to intervene
A change in Washington state law now requires the bailiffs to have an active commission through the state Criminal Justice Training Commission and to pass a background check
Weekend court, where a judge heard five of 12 scheduled cases, is one of many initiatives to reduce overcrowding and violence
Emergency responders administered Narcan to the unresponsive inmates inside a Mecklenburg County Courthouse holding cell
During each robbery, the man handed notes to tellers claiming he was a vigilante helping law enforcement and asking that they “please” place bills in an envelope
Johnny Johnson was convicted of killing a 6-year-old girl in 2002
While everyone is acutely aware of the risks necessitating court security and the liability implications of security failures, actual progress toward security remains highly variable
It’s crucial that correctional staff can pinpoint potential triggers for suicidal behavior either during or following court proceedings
A U.S. federal judge ruled that the public has a right to see what goes on inside the St. Thomas jail
After an officer removes the suspect’s hand and leg cuffs in line with legal requirements for the court session, the defendant runs out of the courtroom door
The ex-officer also posted a photo of protestors lying on a street and wrote, “I would run them over no problem lol (laughing tears of joy emoji) didn’t see it”
Prior to the ruling, execution warrants in the state were only valid for the day noted on the court order
The draft terms for the court-ordered overhaul of state prison healthcare include setting a ratio of care providers to prisoners and appointing officials to monitor department compliance
Riverside County Sheriff Deputy Isaiah Cordero was killed by a violent felon, on bail twice over, during a Dec. 29 traffic stop
Robert Fratta, 65, is scheduled to receive a lethal injection for hiring two people to kill his estranged wife in 1994