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Price had served 19 years of a 35-year mandatory sentence when a judge issued a directive for him to be released for giving information to prison officials
The man’s early release was through a law that allows inmates to have their sentences reduced if they help prison officials
The prison escapee lost a shoe as he ran into the woods, which K-9 Eddie used to track him down
Officers sent a robot into a crawlspace and found signs the suspect was burrowed deep underneath a house
Benjamin Obadiah Foster, 36, died at a hospital, hours after he was taken into custody
The man was released from custody in 2021 by prison officials on the same day he was transferred to the state’s custody to serve a kidnapping sentence
6 of the memorable cases in the 20 years the U.S. Marshals Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force has been chasing and apprehending fugitives
27-year-old Jersey City woman recently applied for the security job with the Hudson County department, thus giving up her location
“Both men are now facing felony charges of escape from a county detention facility and face a potential state prison sentence,” a sheriff’s spokesman said
Sadarian Deangelo Moore, 37, was taken into custody after crossing guard lines while trying to deliver the unspecified substance
Three made it 400 miles away to Louisiana. The fourth never left the county.
“We failed to put his handcuffs back on after he was scanned and he was able to walk out of the booking area and walk out of the building,” an official said
Everyone knows Florida Man, but an equally eccentric cast of hard-boiled sheriffs make a career of going after these guys
Authorities say Casey White escaped from jail in Lauderdale County, Alabama, on April 29 and had four handguns and an AR-15 rifle when he was recaptured on May 9 in Evansville
The men would be in their 90s if they’re still alive
Court documents suggest he hid in plain sight by using someone else’s name to register his pickup truck, open a bank account and even get married (and later divorced)
67-year-old Billy Burchfield was living under an assumed name, which he took from a cousin who had died
Agents served the arrest warrant for Olivia Cruz at the Sandoval County jail, where she was being held on unrelated charges
Both convicts were taken back into custody last weekend in Albuquerque
Homeless man who pointed police toward two inmates who had escaped from jail will get the lion’s share of a reward set up for their successful capture
Records show the man escaped a North Carolina prison on June 23, 1986
Sixty-four-year-old Ramon Flores of Cleveland was arrested
Colton Harris-Moore was sentenced to 6 years in federal prison for his theft of airplanes
The two were caught after visiting their grandmother in a nursing home
Ronald Carnes managed to remain free for 41 years