Armored glove with ECD, video, laser: Comic book or reality?

LA Sheriff's Dept. will test the BodyGuard, which debuted at the Mock Prison Riot

By Corrections1 Staff

It looks like something out of the next Batman movie, but a high-tech armored glove that can knock an attacker to the ground using an electric impulse is apparently a reality, and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department plans to test its effectiveness later this year.

David Brown, a music video producer, created The BodyGuard glove with the original intent of keeping Orange County hikers from being attacked by mountain lions, but it drew attention from law enforcement — including John Bunnell, host of 'World's Wildest Police Videos.' He refined the original idea until he created a prototype that fit law enforcement and corrections applications, and debuted the BodyGuard last month at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Mock Prison Riot in West Virginia.

The BodyGuard features a laser, a flashlight and a camera, along with the electrodes atop the glove that instantly deploy upon contact with an assailant. The camera comes in handy for keeping a video record of the suspect, and Brown believes this recording capability will deter attackers. Also advantageous to law enforcement is the potent jolt of electricity, which registers at up to 300,000 volts.

The BodyGuard, weighing in at less than three pounds, can be utilized during a close-range attack that might call for a handheld ECD, but where one is not easily accessible or practical to use. A button located at the palm of the hand activates the glove's stunner, making it easy for officers to prevent and diffuse confrontations.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department will be testing a demo unit, and if it proves successful, other features like biometric readers for airport security guards may be added to future versions of the product. According to the company's website, the BodyGuard will be provided to law enforcement, homeland security, and DoD professionals for a wide range of applications.

Kevin Costner, a friend of Brown's and a BodyGuard investor, is featured in the video demonstration you can see by clicking the below image.


BodyGuard Video Image

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