Alcohol Testing Equipment Manufacturer Lifeloc Technologies Announces Portable Breath Alcohol Tester Rental Program for Law Enforcement Agencies Needing Additional Equipment During Holiday Season

Cost-effective portable breath alcohol tester rental program is the perfect solution for peak demand times and special events.

Wheat Ridge, CO -- Lifeloc Technologies (, a top alcohol testing equipment manufacturer, announces its new portable breath alcohol tester rental program that provides a low cost means for law enforcement agencies to equip officers with extra instruments for peak demand times. With alcohol testing equipment in use in over 35 countries across five continents, Lifeloc Technologies is an industry leader
providing accurate and quality products.

As the holiday season approaches, law enforcement agencies nationwide conduct more aggressive enforcement of drinking and driving laws, necessitating additional alcohol testing equipment. At the same time, agencies must often struggle with limited year-end budgets. Through Lifeloc Technologies' rental program, agencies can increase their effectiveness during periods of enhanced drinking and driving enforcement without breaking their budget. These rental kits come with everything necessary to conduct testing, including an operator training CD and all necessary accessories.

Lifeloc's portable breath alcohol tester rental program gives law enforcement officials the flexibility to increase equipment availability for targeted enforcement efforts such as DUI checkpoints, saturation patrols, underage
drinking enforcement and other special events. Additionally, schools commonly utilize the rental program for extra-curricular activities such as school dances or athletic events. This rental program will be available
year-round, but Lifeloc Technologies expects the highest usage to be between Thanksgiving and New Year.

According to alcohol testing equipment manufacturer Lifeloc Technologies, the rental rates are surprisingly reasonable. Tom Kissler, Lifeloc Technologies' Law Enforcement Business Manager, states "This program is
primarily being offered as a service, intended to be a helpful support for our normal customers, and a chance to showcase our FC10 and FC10Plus models, which are in widespread use by police nationwide."

For more information on alcohol testing equipment manufacturer Lifeloc Technologies' portable breath alcohol tester rental program, or other alcohol testing equipment available, please visit: (

About Lifeloc Technologies:
For over twenty years, Denver based Lifeloc Technologies ( has served the business, law enforcement and corrections communities by providing high-tech alcohol testing devices. Used in over 35
countries, Lifeloc's breath alcohol testing devices are recognized for their ease-of-use, reliability, and long life. Lifeloc products have been tested and approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, as well as multiple state forensic laboratories in the U.S. and in many other countries.

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