Lifeloc Technologies Introduces the New "FC5 Hornet" Professional Alcohol Screener

Lifeloc's New "FC5 Hornet" Breath Alcohol Screener Replaces Older Generation Alcohol Wands in Police, Traffic Enforcement, Probations and Schools Testing.

Lifeloc Technologies, a global leader in mobile breath alcohol testing devices, today announced the launch of a new generation Passive Alcohol Screener. The FC5 Hornet. The new breath alcohol screener replaces old technology alcohol wands widely used for "zero tolerance" testing and "admissions screening" by schools, corrections, law enforcement and for workplace testing.

Kelly Silverman, Director of Product Development at Lifeloc, commented, "In every way the FC5 Hornet surpasses the performance of competitor's alcohol wands. Traditional alcohol devices can be bulky, noisy and have lengthy test and recovery times. The FC5 Hornet is easily carried and concealed. Results are fast and clearly visible on the backlit day/night LCD. For operator control and safety, breath test results are not displayed to the test subject. No mouthpieces or sampling cups are required."

The FC5 Hornet is designed for automatic or manual alcohol screening. In auto mode the subject blows onto the collector cone and a POS (alcohol detected) or NEG (no alcohol) result appears almost instantly. Perfect for rapid screening of large groups. When testing ambient air or open drink containers, the manual mode will allow the operator to trigger the test when desired.

Multiple test modes provide users the ultimate control and flexibility in any alcohol screening situation. Fully icon driven, the FC5 provides users with easy to understand prompts. The FC5 Hornet is available now from Lifeloc Technologies and our domestic and international distribution partners. For more information visit us at

Lifeloc Technologies has been a world leader in breath alcohol testing equipment for over 25 years. Lifeloc designs, engineers and manufactures precision fuel-cell based breath alcohol testing equipment (breathalyzers) for professional and personal use. We offer a complete line of Portable Breath Alcohol Testers (PBTs) and Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs) for use by law enforcement, corrections, schools and in the workplace. Lifeloc is your single source for alcohol testing equipment, drug screening supplies and education.

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