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Nextivity introduces Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster

New smart signal booster delivers strong in-building cellular coverage for the nation’s public safety network on bands 12 and 14 to ensure coverage during emergencies.

SAN DIEGO - [Mobile World Congress Americas, Booth #S.2938] - Nextivity Inc. today introduced the Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster. The smart signal booster amplifies FirstNet service inside buildings, ensuring that first responders have strong and reliable signals when using their cellular devices in emergency situations.

FirstNet is a new dedicated, high-speed LTE wireless network for public safety being built by AT&T in partnership with the First Responder Network Authority. It was created to prevent the communication challenges faced by first responders during 9/11 and other emergency and disaster situations. The FirstNet service is offered as a priority service over the AT&T network.

According to the First Responder Network Authority, when public safety personnel out in the field have a strong wireless connection that is guaranteed through network priority and pre-emption, the crucial work of emergency managers becomes faster and more efficient. It ensures that public safety agencies and first responders get information quicker and can make faster and better decisions in emergency situations. However, cellular coverage holes and poor signal areas still exist inside many buildings. These gaps in coverage inside buildings are the result of cellular signals inhibited or blocked by external obstacles – such as hills, trees, and other tall buildings – or by building materials, and even by bad weather.

The Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster from Nextivity addresses this issue. It can be set up in just minutes to amplify FirstNet signals in bands 12 and 14 concurrently inside any building. It provides 100db coverage for up to 15,000 sq. ft. per unit, ensuring a strong and reliable cellular connection on FirstNet compatible devices inside buildings for emergency communication by police, fire, and medical personnel.

“Communication is essential in an emergency, particularly for first responders. As FirstNet rolls out across the nation and FirstNet compatible devices become available, the challenge of delivering dedicated signal coverage uniformly throughout a building to public safety personnel must be addressed,” says Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity. “We are committed to addressing this issue and supporting emergency personnel and first responders with our Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster, a vital new solution for the FirstNet ecosystem.”

Built on Cel-Fi’s proprietary IntelliBoost processor that has been deployed worldwide in challenging indoor environments, the Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster delivers the same proven, strong, and reliable signal amplification for dedicated FirstNet bands. It can be deployed in just minutes at any emergency site with an Instant Coverage Kit that includes the required antennas, antenna mounting tripods, and power connectors. The network safe solution can work alongside legacy public safety equipment that is not compatible with FirstNet without any network interference. Cel-FI GO RED is also indoor/outdoor NEMA4 rated so can withstand the harsh conditions typical of emergency situations.

Cel-Fi GO RED is the latest addition to the awarding winning Cel-Fi product line, and the first FirstNet booster. Nextivity Inc. is committed to advancing cellular technology and making connectivity easier. As part of the Safer Building Coalition, Nextivity shares the common vision of making all buildings safe when tragedy strikes. Good communication can mean life or death.

Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster for Buildings will be available in November 2018 via Nextivity’s US Distributor Partners.

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