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Icom American introduces new radio and radio system

Both radio and system can seamlessly integrate with computers already present


Courtesy of Icom America

By C1 Staff

Icom America has unveiled the IP100H wireless network radio, in conjunction with their newly released IP advanced radio system.

Icom’s radio is compact, lightweight and carries a waterproof rating of IPX7. It features a vibration alert for incoming calls.

The radio is configured with Icom’s IP1000C controller and IP100FS remote communicator. The former unit controls voice traffic and 20 or 100 terminals (depending on version). After setup, the IP1000C can program most radio configurations over the air with no cable connection required, the company said.

The IP100FS communicates with system radios via a personal computer and also can obtain location information of each IP100H radio based on access points. The remote communicator is compatible with Windows-based PCs, including tablets and laptops.

With Icom’s optional VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, the IP advanced radio system can interconnect with IP phones as well as analog, the compay said.