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Briarwood Products adds fire retardant products to their evolving line of correctional cleaning tools

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CLEVELAND, Ohio Research has proven that Fire Retardant products are essential to have within correctional facilities. Briarwood Products - a manufacturer of shank-free and metal free cleaning tools, has recently added Fire Retardant products to their shank-free and metal free line. The new self-extinguishing Fire Retardant products are, #6006-FR Small Trash Can and the #6063 Toilet Bowl Brush Holder. The #6006-FR small trash can is intended for use in inmate cells, common areas, and meeting rooms. Both of the products eliminate the creation of fire and handcrafted weapons and both are made from a specialized plastic that is unable to be sharpened into a weapon.

All products manufactured by Briarwood Products are made in The United States and have reportedly reduced the assault rate within correctional facilities by 40%. For more information please contact Dayna Piersa at (216)398-1107 or visit Briarwood Products website