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SafeJail and InMod Security announce partnership to develop correctional health facilities

INDIANAPOLIS — InMod Security, a subsidiary of InMod Construction, has entered into a partnership with SafeJail to develop modular health facilities for the correctional industry. These two companies have joined forces to offer solutions to jails and prisons in order to effectively protect the health of correctional officers, inmates and citizens in response to the spread of COVID-19 and other highly infections diseases.

InMod Security and SafeJail have developed a series of pre-engineered designs that are fabricated in one of InMod’s off-site, Indiana manufacturing facilities. These modular designs for correctional health facilities meet all American Correctional Association (ACA) Standards and local building code requirements. Modular project principles en- able buildings to be completed and open for business in significantly shorter timeframes without compromising construction integrity. Facilities are operational within a few months compared to traditional building techniques which can take years. Bryan Ferry, president of InMod Security says, “working with SafeJail has been a seamless, both companies know the importance of creating operational facilities within a short amount of time. Our buildings are providing answers to health issues correctional facilities from across the nation.”

The three styles of pre-engineered designs from SafeJail meet specific correctional needs, including surge capacity for intake, temporary quarantine space, and additional medical capacity. These temporary facilities can be purchased by local government enti- ties and state prison executives using CARES Act monies. Lease terms are also avail- able.

To learn more about InMod Security, visit To learn more about SafeJail’s correctional medical facilities, specific custom needs, please contact us at, 855-858-7233 or visit

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