Renovo pairs easy-to-use system with durable enclosure

Both VisStation and its accompanying enclosure were made specifically for a corrections environment

By C1 Staff

Renovo Software’s video conferencing device, VisStation, is optimized for a correctional environment.

VisStation is both H.323 and SIP compatible, in addition to H.263 and H.264. This allows facilities to communicate with all industry-leading video conferencing devices. Thus VisStation is not only compatible with other visitation stations, it also allows you to connect inmates to public defenders’ offices, courtroom arraignment, or a myriad of other locations.

Photo courtesy Renovo Software

VisStation utilizes Adobe Flash to communicate with other Flash-enabled devices (such as a home computer or mobile device). Renovo VisStation allows you to deploy both on-premise and internet video visitations while still communicating with other devices such as Polycom and Cisco codecs.

The video visitation enclosure features a durable, modular design that allows facilities to add or remove optional components like a USB port, keyboard or touchscreen as needed.

The enclosure is constructed of hardened steel and Lexan polycarbonate. A seal and drain system protects against spills while all other inner components are plugged into a heavy duty, built-in surge protector. A hidden inner hinge and security Torx bolts allow for easy access to inner components while protecting against abuse and tampering.

For more information, check out Renovo Software’s website.

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