Inmates build homeless shelters, skills with reform program

The inmates currently make desks used in schools and furniture for state agency offices

By C1 Staff

ABERDEEN, Wash. — Stafford Creek Corrections Center inmates will begin building homeless shelters that can be used in encampments or natural disasters later this month.

King5 reported that the inmates will build “Pallet Shelters” that contain four bunk beds and shelves inside. They currently make school desks and furniture for state agencies.

The homes take about 20 minutes to build and tools are not needed.

John Price, an inmate serving 15 years for murder, said it helps inmates learn skills they’ll need when they are released while at the same time helping someone in need.

“That’s the best part of the project. We’re actually helping somebody out there, besides helping ourselves,” Price told the news station. “You don’t think about that much here.”

The money saved by using inmate labor goes directly to Pallet LLC’s non-profit which helps ex-offenders and the homeless find work and homes. 


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