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Thomas Creech was issued a stay of execution about a half hour after Idaho DOC officials called off his lethal injection when they couldn’t locate a vein for an IV
Thomas Creech, 73, has been in prison for half a century; he was already serving a life term when he beat a fellow inmate to death in 1981 — the crime for which he was to be executed
The Idaho DOC deployed its tactical emergency response team after 25 prisoners in two housing units of administrative segregation covered their cell windows
“We do not believe Mr. Creech is worthy of grace or mercy,” the three parole board members said. “This decision was based on the coldblooded nature of David Dale Jensen’s murder and the sheer number of victims that Mr. Creech has created over his lifetime”
No corrections officials were injured in the incident, and an injured prisoner returned to the prison several hours after being hospitalized
Attorneys for two of Idaho’s longest-serving death row inmates are challenging the state’s refusal to disclose the date of purchase for lethal injection drugs
Commissioners want the Idaho Department of Correction to pay counties more to house people who have been convicted and sentenced for crimes, but for whom there is no room in state prisons
“The more people, the more tensions, the more risk for individuals to fight, to create other issues in our facility,” Ada County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Shem McCulloch said
Until the county gets a bigger jail the sheriff is trying small changes, like serving fresh fruit more often and expanding board game privileges, to keep the peace
Judge: Inmate’s constitutional rights against cruel and unusual punishment may have been violated after officials repeatedly scheduled his execution
On July 1, death by firing squad will become an approved back-up method of execution in Idaho
Bryan Kohberger’s trial has been set for early October. The prosecutor now has 60 days to inform the court whether he will seek the death penalty in the case
House Bill 186 passed the Senate by a 24-11 vote; it overwhelmingly passed the House earlier this month
The state’s governor said he would consider signing the newly proposed bill into law if passed by legislature
Idaho would become the fifth state to approve a firing squad as a backup to the lethal injection drug shortage
The state eliminated its never-used firing squad option in 2009, but has been unable to secure the drugs needed for lethal injection executions
Bryan Kohberger’s housing classification, after extradition from Pennsylvania, is being determined by Latah County Jail staff
This is the fourth time in 36 years that the death warrant for double murderer Gerald Pizzuto will expire
The multi-agency resource center will be staffed by plain-clothed juvenile diversion officers
Sheriff Robert Norris said the jail needs to be expanded again to protect the community
Officials may not reveal where they obtain lethal injection drugs, even under a court order
A House committee on Monday unanimously approved introducing the bill as the state struggles to find willing providers
As of Monday, more than 200 IDOC staff were out of work due to COVID-19
The deputy was treated at a local hospital and released
A department spokesman said what happened at the Texas facility was not a riot, but a disturbance that required a prison tactical unit
Some of the biggest reforms to Idaho’s prison system, including court-ordered improvements to medical care, reduced overcrowding and increased staffing levels have come in response to inmate lawsuits
An inmate is suing after he says Twins Falls County Jail staff and sheriff’s deputies ignored his knee injury and refused to provide medical care
The Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho is a partnership between the Idaho Humane Society and the Idaho Department of Correction created in 2004
In December, the Idaho Board of Correction selected Kevin Kempf to replace retiring director Brent Reinke.