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Jail Mail

Corrections is an ever-changing industry, and those changes are most obvious when we look at legal trends
The rare lockdown in the nation’s largest prison system, which comes during a heat wave, is happening as officials ‘confront the root causes’ of drug contraband and violence
How to implement effective mail screening as part of a comprehensive interdiction strategy
COs found the drug, which is used to manage opioid withdrawal, after a tip from an informant
Correctional facilities are on the front lines of the battle against fentanyl, yet they often fall behind in adopting new strategies and technologies to manage the crisis
Like any other year, it seems there’s just no limit to how far people will go for drugs, wireless devices, the chance to escape, or all of the above
The first step for prison officials is to have a clear view of the mail security vulnerabilities in their particular facility
A new report provides some insight into a pervasive yet often overlooked security threat
The union is calling for more resources, including a mail scanner, to help reduce the risk to officers
The officers were removing a powdered substance from inside an envelop to photograph it when they became light-headed
Changes to the mail rules aim to help prevent contraband from entering state prisons
While the state has protocols in place to screen and confiscate outgoing inmate mail, Multnomah County says their hands are tied
The remaining mail items will be sent to a contracted vendor to be screened and digitally scanned
Police found 8.5 pounds of synthetic marijuana, 1.5 ounces of meth and nearly 15 grams of heroine when they raided his hotel room
Advocates say more of an effort should be made to stem the flow of contraband via other sources, like staff