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Jail Security

In the latest incident, a group of six juveniles attacked a staff member, creating an opening for a young man to take the staff member’s keys and then scale a fence
The contemporary digital landscape is generating vast reservoirs of data that agencies must connect and analyze
The prison board approved the up to $3.5 million project to add walls and a roof to Chester County prison’s eight exercise yards
Howard Holland, acting warden of Chester County Prison, proposed new fencing, ankle monitors for high-risk inmates, more cameras in the facility and establishing a K-9 unit to enhance security
The German Shorthaired Pointers and their handlers will detect drugs in Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office jails and courthouse holding areas
Sheriff Patrick Labat says the jail will follow “our normal practices” when former President Trump arrives for booking
“There are many routes that one can take to end up in jail....this is a new one,” the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said
The jail’s consultant said in a letter to the judge that plans for shared cells and a circular layout of housing units would be a problem for mentally ill inmates
Chronic turnover and staff shortages have prompted the sheriff to implement technology to help keep inmates safe in the wake of violations cited by the health department
The price to hold an inmate at Casper jail has increased to around $141 a day
The increase is primarily driven by significant growth in local jail populations, as efforts to reduce incarceration due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been reversed
Stakeholders have blamed a staffing crisis for the deteriorating conditions that led a state board to declare two juvenile halls as “unsuitable” for the confinement of youth
Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center has been under scrutiny because of severe understaffing, violence inside the jail and reports of poor conditions for detainees
Ohio corrections officials said investigators determined the inmates left the correctional facility “after concealing themselves in a dumpster”
Whatcom County’s current jail, which is 40 years old, is considered too small for current needs and requires millions of dollars in safety renovations