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Off-Duty Safety

Dan Spaeth, 22, was killed in “what appears to be a senseless act of violence” as he attempted to slow vehicle traffic for deer crossing the road
The CO was shot twice in the leg and the would-be carjacker was shot in the back and leg
Ava Renee Morgan, 41, served as a corrections officer with the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority
Enhancing your situational awareness and communicating your action plan can make the difference in a dangerous encounter
Harris, a decorated U.S. Army veteran, was not the intended target and was tragically in the “wrong place at the wrong time”
NYC mayor calls the officer a ‘hero’ for taking action off-duty to protect others from harm
The incident could have been in response to contraband seizures at work, CO Fransisco Collazo said
Jail Deputy Dane Northcutt was doing a ride-along off-duty with Deputy Noah Rainey; both were pronounced dead at the scene
The officer was meeting a woman for a date when her two accomplices attempted to rob him at gunpoint
Ryan Gaudet was driving home when he crashed into a bridge abutment; he was 24
Wayne County corrections officer Devante Jones was killed just hours after finishing his shift
According to a recent report, a lot more needs to be done to support the vast majority of COs who do their jobs well
“We’re trained at the academy to run towards danger, not away,” said union VP Mike Gallagher
State corrections officials identified the officer who died as Tyleisha Taylor
Daniel O’Beirne and Jordan Reed, two strangers with fire and EMS backgrounds, worked together to save a driver whose semi-truck struck a pole and burst into flames