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The attorney said sometimes Deputy Arturo Atilano Valadez and other deputies were so exhausted that they took turns sleeping in jail cells
CO staffing is running at 80% of its full complement to protect and secure the 500 or more inmates at Westmoreland County Prison
“Alarmingly low morale” and continuous long overtime shifts cited by COs
COs successfully argued that the state DOC failed to pay them for work done once they arrived at their prison for the beginning of their shifts
Through the week before the crash, Kenneth Morang had worked 1,671.38 overtime hours in 2019, partly due to staffing shortages
“We’ve lost some deputies, very good deputies, to other agencies because of the amount of overtime that we’re requiring them to work,” officials said
Erie County officers and deputies are refusing to volunteer for overtime like in the past; now, it’s common for up to 80% of overtime to be forced
At more than half vacant, Metropolitan Detention Center’s situation appears particularly dire
How long has it been since someone has taken a good look at the way you are utilizing your staff?
The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved spending $49.5 million to end a lawsuit brought by COs for unpaid overtime
An earlier federal investigation found the state shorted COs at one facility nearly half a million in overtime payments
As New York closes 6 more facilities, a veteran CO says the job is hardly worth it anymore
The state paid COs and other staffers only through the end of their scheduled shift instead of when they clocked out
Staff morale is at a 30-year low, and even the sheriff is working shifts to keep the jail running
The 2018 verdict awarded 13,000 COs $113.7 million for uncompensated work
The virus is taking its toll on the staff and has required significant use of overtime to keep things running
Trevor Gagnon, 22, was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries to his head and legs
Since July 2019, Brent Spooner falsely claimed approximately 80 hours of overtime each pay period
“My officers are tired ... tired officers make mistakes, they take shortcuts and they’re less productive. This is an accident waiting to happen,” the sheriff said
Corrections officers claim they are due pay for the time it takes to begin and end each shift
The state launched a 14-day statewide soft lockdown and told nurses they must work 16-hour shifts or face reprisal
Several officers filed complaints about forced overtime, unsafe working conditions, and double- and quadruple-podding
Legislators are attempting to pass bills that would raise CO overtime pay and address staff safety
One way the department reduced costs was to impose stricter limitations on what work qualified for overtime
What role might insufficient sleep play in corrections officers’ elevated rates of depression, anxiety and suicide?
The case, which began in 2012, alleged the DOC did not pay COs for work done once they arrived at their prison
Getting shorted on sleep on a regular basis contributes to the development of physical and psychological health conditions
Recent court rulings say $118 million awarded to COs for unpaid work cannot be enforced
The current practice of mandating overtime does far more harm than good, especially in the long-term