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Increased adoption driven by innovations to locking systems in detention facilities
COs fired a warning shot when they saw inmate Albaro Amaral stabbing another inmate; Amaral continued his attack, prompting another CO to fire multiple rounds, striking Amaral
“The state needs to do more to support the correctional officers and civilians that walk into these facilities every day to help keep us all safe, not overcrowd them or shut them down,” State Assemblyman D. Billy Jones said
The planned changes will include new perimeter fencing, security cameras and other components that will improve the entire system
Three COs at Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution may face disciplinary action in connection with the two escapes back in May
As three COs were subduing the inmate, he managed to escape their grasp and punched an officer in the eye
The prison board approved the up to $3.5 million project to add walls and a roof to Chester County prison’s eight exercise yards
Manhunt for Danelo Cavalcante continues into its second week and a tower officer has been put on leave as part of the escape investigation
A total of seven inmates attacked the man in the common area, punching him in the face and stomping on his head, officials said
The inmate grabbed a knife and took a kitchen employee hostage; A detention officer was able to disarm the inmate quickly and took him back into custody
A correctional officer was “severely assaulted” by an intoxicated inmate and was left lying unconscious in a pool of blood suffering from “severe facial lacerations”
All 123 federal prisons in the United States need an estimated $2 billion worth of maintenance, the report says
An inmate faked an illness, and inmates attacked a staff member who came into his cell. Other workers were also attacked as they tried to help, the union said
Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center has been under scrutiny because of severe understaffing, violence inside the jail and reports of poor conditions for detainees
According to a FPC Bryan inmate handbook, those in the facility who are eligible to work can earn between 12 cents and $1.15 per hour in their job assignments
Correctional officers attempted to interrupt a brawl between multiple inmates at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center
Robert Sylvester Kelly was transferred from the Metropolitan Correctional Center Chicago to the federal correctional institution in Butner, N.C.
Holmes lost battle to delay her incarceration when judge ruled she must surrender to serve her 11-year sentence
The grant, which is half of the project, will fund emergency call boxes, improve security cameras and add new fencing mesh
The Bureau of Prisons said the weapon had been concealed inside the prison
The weapon misfired and the female visitor was uninjured
Stanley Security is assembling a mock-up of the replacement system offsite for eventual transfer to the prison, which allows for smoother transition
Long hours, dangerous conditions and remote, rural locations have meant fewer officers and a system plagued with increased killings and violence
Matthew Tidman remains on life support and investigators are pursuing criminal charges
An email from FDC’s assistant deputy secretary of institutions alerted employees that the messages are “a potential threat to security”
Corrections Commissioner Victoria Kuhn said the moves were part of “lifting the veil of secrecy that has hung over this department, and Edna, for far too long”
If you aren’t paying attention to your security keys, you’re putting your safety and the safety of others at risk
One COs union is skeptical of the cameras, saying the money could be better spent on hiring more officers
“Blind spots, lost footage, and technical failures are unacceptable in federal prisons,” said Sen. Jon Ossoff