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GTL Fusion integrates artificial intelligence to accurately monitor phone calls within correctional facilities

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Searching by sounds instead of by words uncovers more actionable intelligence

FALLS CHURCH, Va., – October is National Crime Prevention Month and GTL Fusion Services uses technology to help reduce crimes in correctional facilities across the U.S. GTL, a trusted partner that connects those affected by incarceration with the resources and support necessary to achieve success, announced that its use of artificial intelligence to phonetically search and transcribe audio recordings has distinct advantages over other methods, which includes using the software to focus on identifying conversation around weapons, contraband, threats to staff or incarcerated individuals, and more.

GTL’s advanced technology also uses phonetic searching, which listens to audio streams, triggering events when it recognizes specific sounds and words that sound alike. Identifying these sounds helps to stop crimes from happening and solve them if they do, which is extremely important for ensuring the safety of prison staff and incarcerated individuals.

“GTL facilitated over 4 billion minutes of telephone calls between incarcerated individuals and their family and friends in 2020, and it would be physically impossible for analysts to listen to every minute or read transcripts of every call to find suspicious activity or evidence of a possible crime,” said Mitch Volkart, GTL vice president, intelligence solutions. “By implementing a phonetic search, we can find more recordings that contain critical pieces of information related to crimes that happened within a facility’s walls or outside in the community.”

With the large volume of recorded speech that happens daily in correctional facilities, it is costly and time-consuming to search through the audio to leverage the full value of that wealth of information. Phonetic search is the best solution to search large collections of audio and video files, especially when following a conversation between two people. It is not limited to a specific, transcribed spelling of a word or specific pronunciation. It recognizes the similarities and marks the instance for intelligence analysts to look at more closely.

“At GTL, we are committed to providing technology solutions that help create a safer environment for correctional officers and incarcerated individuals,” concluded Volkart. “The efficient implementation of phonetic search, and phonetic-based alerts, helps facilities achieve that goal.”

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For over 30 years, GTL has worked side-by-side with correctional facilities and government agencies to provide imperative technology solutions to over 1.2 million incarcerated individuals across the globe. These solutions facilitate meaningful connections, provide educational opportunities, enable successful reentry, and strengthen operational efficiency. GTL is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, with an employee presence throughout North America and was recognized as a 2021 Top Workplace USA by Energage. To learn more about GTL, please visit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.