Defensive Applications, LLC Introduces the Cuff-Grip

The Cuff-Grip is a foldable, flexible rubber grip that installs on any standard chain handcuffs with no modifications to the function of the handcuffs. The Cuff-Grip is intended to provide a positive gripping surface for any Officer applying handcuffs and is the solution to the following difficulties associated with handcuffing:  

Size of handcuffs and chain. The current standard handcuff is difficult to grip for people with small or large hands. The Cuff-Grip solves both problems by giving the person with small hands a rigid surface to grip, allowing for more control during handcuffing. It also gives the individual with larger hands more of a gripping surface. The finger grooves provide a way to positively identify where the hand is placed on the handcuff, reducing the possibility of covering the openings with a hand.

Environmental and physiological factors. When attempting to handcuff, environment and physiological factors can make the process difficult. When handcuffing in cold weather, fine motor skills are reduced and the fingers of the hand do not operate as well as they do in normal temperatures. The Cuff-Grip, due to its rubber covering and finger grooves, allows for a better grip in cold temperatures. Handcuffing in hot weather is difficult because the hands sweat, making the metal handcuffs slippery and difficult to control. The Cuff-Grip, again due to the rubberized grip and finger grooves, allows for a dryer surface and more positive control. 

Suspect Control. When attempting to handcuff a suspect who resist, it is difficult to hold onto the handcuffs, especially when one handcuff is already on the suspect. The Cuff-Grip provides a surface that conforms to the hand, providing less slippage and more control of the handcuff. This is due to the finger grooves and rubberized grip. The Cuff-Grip also makes it much more difficult for subjects to break the handcuff chain in cell bars or  with a seat belt buckle.  

Drawing handcuffs from carrier. The Cuff-Grip allows Officers to maintain visual contact with there suspect because the finger groves serve as a guide for the proper direction of the handcuff openings, and proper placement of the hand. The Officer, therefore, will spend less time fumbling and can keep their eyes on the suspect. The elastic also enables the handcuffs to fold, and fit into most handcuff carriers or pouches.

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