5 video visitation system options for your facility

Video visitation systems advance officer safety and cut down on contraband; here are five to consider when you're thinking about making the switch

By C1 Staff

It’s just about every other day that you read about a facility deciding to make the switch from face-to-face visitation and jump into the video visitation world. Not only does it help cut down on contraband, it takes a lot of pressure off of staff for prisoner transport.

Ready to join the technological revolution? Check out these five options to get your research started.

1. Renovo Software’s VisStation
The VisStation’s trademark is its use of Flash, which allows it to communicate with other Flash-enabled devices like a home computer or mobile device.

In addition, it’s compatible with all industry-leading video conferencing devices, which allows your facility to connect inmates with their public defender’s office, courtroom arraignment, or a myriad of other locations. Your inmates will never need to leave the facility again, except maybe for rec. More information

2. Primonics’ TeleCorrections
This system is all about options. Want just one headset? Two? How about none? You can request one with just a built-in camera. The system also allows you to share basic information with inmates, whether its upcoming court dates, commissary balances, or bail amounts. And if an inmate wants to talk to a nurse, they can also make sick calls.

The system is easily integratable with any jail management system, and also offers a TeleChat option to allow internal users like attorneys and jail administrators to securely communicate with each other using computers. More information

3. Sydaptic Inc’s InVision
InVision is exact – sessions don’t start until both handsets go off the hook, and once the time is up, the time is up. If an officer needs to stop the session for any reason, ending a call is as simple as a touch of a button.

Equipped with an intercom function connected to a help desk for questions, InVision is for the facility that’s not looking for a system with bells and whistles. More information

4. Montgomery Technology Inc’s DIY system
If you’re the do-it-yourself type, then look into Montgomery Technology’s DIY IP-based system. MTI’s system can be implemented using standard networking equipment such as Ethernet switches and routers. It works on a P2P network, meaning there’s no need for a complicated data center.

Sessions can be recorded with the Network Video Recorder, which has enough storage to record 8 simultaneous sessions (16 individual streams) at 30 FPS for 8 hours for 30 days. More information

5. Strike Industries’ VideoViso
VideoViso combines high quality audio/video communications equipment with a powerful and easy-to-use browser-based management and control application.

The system includes live monitoring, digital recording, search, retrieval and reporting tools, call interjection, web-based visitation scheduling, and more. More information

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