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Board members declared both Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, open for less than a year, and the Barry J. Nidorf Secure Youth Treatment Facility to be “unsuitable” to continue housing youths
The judge gave the order after learning an inmate at the prison appeared to have been placed in a special housing unit and then transferred to another prison, breaching the judge’s orders
California’s program of offering naloxone to all departing prisoners “has and does save lives,” an attorney said. “Without this treatment, the number of overdoses, we believe, would be far larger”
The looming deadline comes after Los Padrinos and the Barry J. Nidorf Secure Youth Treatment Facility failed key inspections in January
The two men will undergo concurrent surgeries that could extend beyond four hours in April
The special review from the inspector general found CDCR wrongfully closed and reclassified 595 complaints of staff misconduct as “routine grievances” between Feb. 24, 2022, and Feb. 27, 2023
A Stanislaus County deputy acted quickly to grab the inmate’s jumpsuit as the man started to fall; video shows another inmate rushed to help the deputy
COs fired a warning shot when they saw inmate Albaro Amaral stabbing another inmate; Amaral continued his attack, prompting another CO to fire multiple rounds, striking Amaral
A deputy captain in charge of enforcing policies at FCI Dublin emphasized the prison is now in better shape — recounting increased policy training, as well as twice as many cameras at the facility
The council suggests retraining corrections officers, reducing inmate numbers for individual cells, enhancing staff amenities and creating re-entry beds for post-release transition
State regulators found numerous violations, including rodent droppings and unsecured cell gates during an inspection of Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles
The CO smuggled dental molds in and out of the prison in September 2020 so that a Houston jeweler could create the grill
“You were a coward then and you remain a coward today,” said Sandy Jackson, Officer Paul Verna’s widow
CDCR’s proposal calls for eliminating all unpaid work assignments and reducing hours for most prison workers from full-time jobs to half-time
The financial burden of the calls will shift from inmates and their families to a pot of money known as the Inmate Welfare Fund