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CO Assault

The defendants failed to maintain proper safety procedures and policies and did not provide the number of necessary corrections officers to maintain order in the cellblock, records state
Matt Tidman testified before a legislative committee in favor of a bill that would ban exercise equipment and free weights from Massachusetts medium and maximum security prisons
The charges were dismissed after the inmate testified he slipped out of his handcuffs to stab another inmate prior to the alleged assault
When the team of corrections officers at Five Points Correctional Facility opened the door to the cell, the inmate charged at the officers with a shank, making stabbing motions toward the head and neck of staff members
The inmate struck the Washington State Penitentiary CO in the face multiple times; while at the hospital, the CO was unable to remember the attack
“Assaulting an officer is never the appropriate action for not receiving a hygiene product in time,” said Louis Viscusi, president of the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association
The inmate grabbed a CO’s holster after attacking him; another CO quickly grabbed her gun and ordered the inmate to drop the weapon
The lawsuit references an inspection report detailing a surge in inmate-on-inmate and staff assaults, heightened use of force by officers and an uptick in drugs and contraband in the prison
The 25-year-old prisoner, who was convicted of murder in 2019, headbutted one officer and cut another with a makeshift weapon during the incident
“I’ve never seen another human being look at someone like that, he had this look in his eyes, like you’re not getting out of here if you have a pulse,’” CO Kristen Lonnborg said
The former corrections officer was found not guilty of assault and reckless conduct charges for breaking an inmate’s nose and his own hand
During a search of a cell at Attica Correctional Facility, an inmate stabbed a corrections officer several times in the forearm
The union said the attack is “directly related” to decisions made by department leadership to double bunk housing units in Maleng Regional Justice Center
One correctional officer was stabbed “numerous times,” officials said, and another suffered “serious injuries to his face”
Justin Robinson and another inmate used a weak metal shiv to strike the CO in the neck, but didn’t cause serious physical injuries