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Contraband: Concealment

While contraband control is a year-round endeavor, facilities can see a spike in trading of illicit goods over the Valentine’s Day holiday
Corrections staff should be aware of the potential dangers in the seemingly innocent garden setting
Truly, contraband is much more than a serendipitous discovery by custody staff
An offender can place blades, cell phones, narcotics, or even a mini container of mace inside a hollowed out shoe
In terms of seeing contraband, there’s nothing quite like the mirror to uncover hidden bootleg
Often overlooked because of their seeming lack of danger, fasteners can pose a huge threat to prison safety
In the ongoing battle against contraband, corrections workers have several tools at their disposal
Intended utility is one thing, but the improvisational skill of contrabandists is quite another
Here’s a series of questions designed to help open the mind to new inmate contraband schemes