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In the unit where one of the attacks took place, there is one officer for every 64 inmates and officers routinely work 16 hour shifts, the union said
Marquis Dunlap is being charged with second-degree murder charges in the death of Jermaine Trevion Wilson
Lee Boyd Malvo and his accomplice, John Allen Muhammad, shot and killed 10 people and wounded three others over a three-week span in October 2002
“I wanted to uplift them and give them some classical inspiration with a little bit of the free world,” said the director of the women’s prison seminary.
Both new recruits and lateral transfer officers should develop a physical fitness plan to help them ace the test
The inmate told a man to break into a home to find bail money for him
The victim is now on life-support
It’s unclear which Texas lawmakers will accept — and climb into a box that’ll be heated to upward of 120 degrees
An inmate has pleaded guilty of trying to hire someone to kill three people, including a police officer
The inmate who was serving time for murdering a gay man was fatally stabbed by an inmate who killed 5 men
Maine State Prison inmate Zachary Titus was charged with murder last month in connection with the death of his cellmate Dana Bartlett
The prison was issued a citation in connection to the death of CO Joseph Gomm
The attack highlighted security concerns inside the jail brought up by COs
Work-release inmates helped pry open a door of the SUV for another inmate who unlocked the car with a coat hanger.
The LA sheriff further limited when inmates in Los Angeles County jails can be transferred for deportation
The former Chicago officer’s wife fears he’s still in danger after his assault
Five inmates were charged with assaulting another inmate after he allegedly began to act “weird” while playing chess
Russell Craig and other artists who served time are debuting their project with Mural Arts Philadelphia
An inmate, out of jail for just over an hour, stole a car and led police on an interstate chase
An inmate who was convicted of fatally stabbing a woman over heroin is now charged with killing his cellmate
Forensic science is only as reliable as the people performing the tests.
Police allege the inmate harassed a woman with jailhouse phone calls urging her to drop assault charges
More than 200 inmates are suing the company that provides phone service saying the rate increase is unlawfully double the amount