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The Corrections International topic provides American correctional officers with corrections news from around the world, focusing on the latest developments and events in other countries and how prisons in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America operate.

CO Steve Durham was most surprised by the relaxed, happy demeanor of the officers and their casual interactions with inmates during his recent visit to Halden
State legislators study Norway’s rehabilitative incarceration model to combat high recidivism rates in California
Abu Hamza, a former imam featured on the “Preachers of Hate” series, is serving a life sentence on charges of terrorism and kidnapping
The country takes a radically different approach to rehabilitating those it incarcerates
El Shafee Elsheikh was given eight life sentences for hostage-taking, conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens and supporting a terrorist organization
Attackers in armored vehicles stormed the state prison on the US-Mexico border allowing at least 24 inmates to escape
The death of Willy Joseph Cancel, 22, marks the first known death of an American citizen in the ongoing war
According to police, the man said prison would be better than more time with the people he was living with
Visits were suspended in mid-March to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in prisons
The intense video shows an officer performing CPR on an inmate as another grabs a fire extinguisher
Giuseppe Fanara attacked seven corrections officers during an inspection of his cell
The shipment was seized in New York because the weaves appear to be a product of forced child labor and imprisonment
Pat Bliss, a 27-year veteran correctional officer, said the book started as a means to give others a better understanding of prison
The convicted drug dealer was foiled Saturday in his scheme to assume the guise of his 19-year-old daughter
A Brazilian gang leader’s attempted jailbreak on Saturday had all the hallmarks of a thriller movie