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Two prisoner transport vehicles and a civilian vehicle crashed in Pompano Beach
Equipping Florida correctional institutions with a proper HVAC system could take up to 20 years to complete and would require the state spend $582 million
The auditing firm recommends the DOC build three new prisons and two new hospitals over the next 20 years, and close four aging prisons
The Broward County sheriff’s deputies will be fired as they face charges of alleged $500,000 fraud from federal aid programs meant to cushion COVID-19 impact
Michael Zack III, 54, was put to death for killing two women during a 9-day series of crimes in 1996
Sheriff Grady Judd: “I am glad he (Johnson) hasn’t enjoyed a day of freedom since then, but the truth is, he should have been executed by the State a long time ago.”
Speech-to-text technology scans incoming and outgoing calls for the state’s 80,000 inmates with automatic searching for select keywords
An autopsy concluded that Stephen Todd Booker, 69, who became a published poet while serving on death row, died of acute fentanyl toxicity
Editorial board believes sweltering conditions are contributing to a high quit rate among prison guards
The Florida DOC lifted uniform restrictions allowing incarcerated people to wear shorts and a single-layer shirt in response to hotter-than-average temperatures
James Phillip Barnes, 61, is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 6 p.m. Thursday at Florida State Prison in Starke
COs assigned to the unit at the United States Penitentiary Coleman responded to Nassar’s cell and performed what officials said were life-saving measures
The United States Penitentiary Coleman is experiencing staffing shortages; The COs assigned to the unit where Nassar was held were working mandated OT shifts
“You can see the exhaustion in the officers. It doesn’t help they’re so short-staffed and there’s no break for them”
The Florida DOC plans to allocate $1 million to a new program that will make a small number of phone calls free for some inmates