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Human Trafficking

Sex trafficking investigations behind prison walls are complex; here’s what officers and administrators need to know
The Kaw Valley Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force will conduct combined, multi-agency criminal investigations to disrupt human trafficking organizations
In the search for effective interdiction practices, prisons and jails are a largely untapped resource
The prevalence of abuse and instability in the personal histories of many inmates makes them particularly vulnerable to traffickers
Administrators need to train COs about ways to identify, as well as how to report, suspicious activity that may be related to human trafficking
Lawmakers are considering a plan that would expand capital punishment in the state so that criminals convicted of sex trafficking that leads to death could be executed
Newly-introduced legislation would turn various trafficking offenses into more serious felonies
Trafficked women often bounce in and out of correctional facilities on prostitution arrests
Female prisons are filled with women serving sentences for prostitution but who are unrecognized victims of human trafficking and are often coerced into joining human trafficking networks
Human trafficking often thrives right under the noses of law enforcement and corrections officers simply because these officers do not know enough to recognize the signs
COs are best positioned to throw obstacles in the way of human trafficking crimes