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Jail Upgrades

The lack of security upgrades “is very concerning,” the mayor of Baton Rouge said. “We are dealing with a facility established in 1952, designed to rehabilitate youth for less serious crimes”
Equipping Florida correctional institutions with a proper HVAC system could take up to 20 years to complete and would require the state spend $582 million
The auditing firm recommends the DOC build three new prisons and two new hospitals over the next 20 years, and close four aging prisons
“It’s the same things that I’ve been discussing over the past however many years now, it’s the safety, it’s the staffing, and it’s the facility, and the things that are not being done to progress,” Adams County Sheriff Dale Wagner said
The warden has said building a new facility is crucial to improving and expanding how the county delivers programs and services in education, addiction recovery and mental health
The multiple phase $77M project includes housing renovations, a new intake and booking facility, and staff locker rooms and meeting facilities
There are 25 open positions at the Hamilton County jail, down from 60 when the sheriff was elected; the sheriff attributes that to a salary raise
The jail’s consultant said in a letter to the judge that plans for shared cells and a circular layout of housing units would be a problem for mentally ill inmates
A portion of the prison will be turned into a rehabilitation center in the style of Scandinavian correctional facilities
Correctional facility improvements include news freezers for the kitchen, level recreational yard floors, mezzanine level fencing, and new security card readers
Stakeholders have blamed a staffing crisis for the deteriorating conditions that led a state board to declare two juvenile halls as “unsuitable” for the confinement of youth
All 123 federal prisons in the United States need an estimated $2 billion worth of maintenance, the report says
The report also recommends Santa Cruz County to put more money toward hiring and retaining the jail’s employee count
Whatcom County’s current jail, which is 40 years old, is considered too small for current needs and requires millions of dollars in safety renovations
The report outlines the steps the Penobscot County sheriff and staff need to take to comply with PREA. It also said a new jail would allow for better surveillance