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The CO worked at the prison for about 24.5 years before retiring in 2015, a result of a racially hostile environment at the facility, according to court documents
The lawsuit said Cuyahoga County ignored requests the CO made for breaks to check his blood, as well as appeals to avoid working past his regular, 12-hour shift
The plaintiffs fear going to work due to “persistently malfunctioning equipment, gross understaffing, gross incompetence of management and threats of retaliation”
Lack of staff and training impedes policy adherence in the facility, according to 162-page report by federal monitors
Five former inmates secure a settlement against a jail doctor for administering ivermectin without their consent amid COVID-19
The California state prison system aims to increase the female workforce from 17% to 30% by expanding recruitment efforts
The lawsuit alleged that assessment and treatment delays for pneumonia by medical staff led to the amputation of the inmate’s left hand and portions of his other limbs
The lawsuit alleges that the DoC, which didn’t comment, confines people with serious mental illness by withholding evaluations, diagnoses and care
While awaiting sentencing of 10 years to life, David Lettieri has filed 51 lawsuits since November engaging “in a pattern of abuse of the judicial process”
Broome County Sheriff says the agreement establishes “clear LGBTI Guidelines, which were previously nonexistent”
The suit accuses the Bureau of Prisons of failing to do enough to prevent sexual abuse at FCI Dublin, despite serious incidents going back to the 1990s
The CO felt contraction-like pains at work, but her supervisor kept her at her post for hours despite her requests to leave, according to the lawsuit
Sgt. Gilbert Polanco died from COVID-19 after state officials ordered the transfer of infected inmates into his prison from another facility
The lawsuit is seeking $109,000 in lost wages, an additional $1M for future lost wages/pension benefits and $500,000 for other compensatory damages
The judge ruled the inmate can either “engage in religious exercise at odds with his own beliefs,” or “remain incarcerated until at least April 2025"