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The defendants failed to maintain proper safety procedures and policies and did not provide the number of necessary corrections officers to maintain order in the cellblock, records state
One corrections officer said they were threatened by an inmate, later finding a note with a home address for an administrative staff member at their jail
“I can only hope that the Department of Corrections takes this opportunity to look at their current culture of retaliation and makes the necessary changes to make the agency a welcoming and retaliation-free workplace,” Nathaline Frener said
The CO underwent medical treatment and testing after she was injured on the job while breaking up a fight at a JJC facility; that injury led to her MS diagnosis
The former inmate, who was serving time for drug and burglary convictions, didn’t receive appropriate medical care for more than two years despite tests showing signs of possible cancer, the lawsuit states
The lawsuit alleges that juvenile detainees had their civil rights infringed upon at the Adair County facility and that the center failed to properly train staff
The judge wrote a reasonable jury could conclude the medical care David B. Rossman received during his stay at the Centre County Correctional Facility “does not pass constitutional muster”
The lawsuit argued that Alabama DOC’s rule mandating a three-foot distance between the reverend and inmate during nitrogen execution was “hostile toward religion”
The lawsuit references an inspection report detailing a surge in inmate-on-inmate and staff assaults, heightened use of force by officers and an uptick in drugs and contraband in the prison
Lawyers claim that the Alabama DOC’s rule on staying three feet away from the inmate during the nitrogen execution is unscientific and violates his right to practice religion
The attorney said sometimes Deputy Arturo Atilano Valadez and other deputies were so exhausted that they took turns sleeping in jail cells
Though a settlement has been reached, the case isn’t over; the lawsuit will proceed against the Jackson County Jail’s healthcare
The remaining allegations in the lawsuit are made against specific corrections and police officers and include charges such as excessive force, battery, negligence, and failure to intervene
The CO worked at the prison for about 24.5 years before retiring in 2015, a result of a racially hostile environment at the facility, according to court documents
The lawsuit said Cuyahoga County ignored requests the CO made for breaks to check his blood, as well as appeals to avoid working past his regular, 12-hour shift