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The Maine Criminal Justice Academy welcomed 67 new correctional officers, marking the largest class to graduate from the Basic Corrections Training Program
The former corrections officer was found not guilty of assault and reckless conduct charges for breaking an inmate’s nose and his own hand
A judge ruled the Somerset County Jail violated labor laws by failing to pay its COs an OT premium under a contract with the United States Marshal’s Service
The report outlines the steps the Penobscot County sheriff and staff need to take to comply with PREA. It also said a new jail would allow for better surveillance
Penobscot County is looking to hire a marketing firm that would present educational details to the public about the need for a new jail, which would have to be approved by the voters
COs no longer need to find a locked first aid kit, which could be on another floor, to access the drug
Maine’s facilities have grown much of their own food in on-site organic gardens, baked all their own breads and bought discounted produce and grains
Security issues, low staffing and claims of civil rights violations marred the record of Ryan Thornell’s predecessors
Last summer, the unused building was opened to staff who were “commuting great distances” to sleep between shifts
Mediocre wages, grueling hours and difficult working conditions have made it hard for the state to hire and retain people
They’re the latest problems to come up at the Bangor facility that’s more than 160 years old
Lawmakers aim to replace language considered stigmatizing with alternatives such as “resident of a jail”
Roy King’s message of equity helps people feel at ease during hard conversations about race and racism
Tracking the success of rehabilitative programs is about to get a lot easier in the state of Maine’s correctional facilities
Learn how a medication-assisted treatment pilot turned into a successful program
The officer had disclosed past drug use, including abuse of prescription drugs, LSD and cocaine, on his application
Many at Monday’s hearing on the Maine Department of Corrections proposal said the proposal is too vague, would cause discipline problems at state prisons, and would damage efforts to rehabilitate prisoners
Current policy forbids inmates in the state prison system from soliciting pen pals, acting as a reporter, publishing under a byline, hosting or being a guest on a broadcast or acting as an agent of the news media
Robert Goguen, 40, of Bangor alleged in a lawsuit filed more than three years ago that jail officials conspired to deny him due process
Currently there is no precise figure for the amount the jails might need
Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce said he accepts “complete responsibility” for the actions of deputies who spoke with the women
A sheriff in Maine says female lawyers will no longer be required to remove their underwire bras to enter jail to meet with their clients
“It’s absolutely outrageous,” said attorney Amy Fairfield
Justices on Maine’s highest court are skeptical about an appeal by a man who was stripped of his right to a lawyer because he couldn’t get along with five earlier ones
The Maine Department of Corrections has chosen Kennebec County Sheriff Randy Liberty to be the next warden at the Maine State Prison
Warden Rodney Bouffard, who was promoted to the position in May 2013 to replace former Warden Patricia Barnhart, has been promoted
Department of Corrections is changing the mission of a facility that has housed youthful offenders from northern and central Maine to one that will handle adult inmates
$500 from the sale of a dog cage will be used to buy material to build a K-9 obstacle course behind the Sheriff’s Office
Sentenced to seven years behind bars for his ninth drunken driving conviction