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New Mexico

Inmates are being transferred to the Penitentiary of New Mexico even though PNM’s staff vacancy rate is more than 40%
The Santa Fe County Jail also saw “immediate results” from ramped-up recruitment efforts that included flyers and weekly rapid hire events this summer
The plaintiffs fear going to work due to “persistently malfunctioning equipment, gross understaffing, gross incompetence of management and threats of retaliation”
During each robbery, the man handed notes to tellers claiming he was a vigilante helping law enforcement and asking that they “please” place bills in an envelope
The CO was terminated in 2020 after complaining about harassment, humiliation and sexual misconduct toward women staff
Alternatives to Violence Project workshops teach peaceful methods of conflict resolution and help participants build leadership skills
The state legislature convened the study to discuss the possibility of combining administration of the state’s 25 jails and 11 prisons
At more than half vacant, Metropolitan Detention Center’s situation appears particularly dire
The inmate attacked a deputy when he pulled over to check on his condition, video footage reveals
The officer had three puncture wounds on the left side of his neck with a three-inch-long laceration near his left ear
The agency is struggling to come back online after a ransomware attack earlier this month
The U.S. Marshals Service has doubled the reward to $10K for information leading to his arrest
The Metropolitan Detention Center has been unable to access its cameras since last week’s attack
“The Department of Corrections believes there isn’t a staffing crisis and the union believes there is,” said union director Connie Derr
The priorities of private corrections companies — to make money housing inmates — don’t match the state’s, Rep. Bill McCamley said