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Contraband: Cell Phones

Never allow complacency to set in when conducting a cell search, as contraband poses a significant security risk in a correctional facility
Advances in technology are allowing investigators to fully exploit the data in seized phones as a rich source of actionable intelligence and evidence
Cell phones are a continuous threat inside correctional facilities; here’s how you can find and stop this type of contraband before it becomes a problem in your prison or jail
Managed access has the ability to turn contraband cell phones into paperweights; but there are some drawbacks that might be deal breakers for smaller facilities
With the use of contraband phones, Bitcoins could become a real problem behind bars
In terms of seeing contraband, there’s nothing quite like the mirror to uncover hidden bootleg
Smartphones are creating a new challenge for officers behind the wire
In the ongoing battle against contraband, corrections workers have several tools at their disposal
Here’s a series of questions designed to help open the mind to new inmate contraband schemes