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Prison Food

The chef said he’s been trying to help the county fix its jail food problem, which is so severe correctional officers have worried it could spark a riot
COs have expressed concern that the food served in the Cuyahoga County jail is so poor that it could spark riot
While awaiting sentencing of 10 years to life, David Lettieri has filed 51 lawsuits since November engaging “in a pattern of abuse of the judicial process”
Corrections officers said the food is so bad that they fear for their safety, pointing to one particular one meal that COs said could have sparked a riot
Maine’s facilities have grown much of their own food in on-site organic gardens, baked all their own breads and bought discounted produce and grains
The 5-year contract for $45.7M is to feed 23,000 inmates in 20 state-operated prisons for $1.77 per meal
The prisoners are protesting food portions, conditions of confinement and discipline at Ely State Prison
Despite substandard conditions for staff and inmates, Turner hasn’t made up her mind on whether to approve $750M price tag for new jail
According to a deputy, the explosion may have been caused by a gas leak within the kitchen wall
The alleged incident has led prison officials to change how meals are prepared and served to employees who work the night shift
The goal is to accurately identify those individuals with a true food allergy and exclude those who do not have a true food allergy
Officials are trying to determine what caused many inmates to refuse prison-provided breakfasts, lunches and dinners
The strike started Friday, mostly in protest of the quality of food served at breakfast
A city Law Department spokeswoman said the settlement “was in the best interest of all parties involved”
In an effort to improve chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, officials worked with a dietitian to retool the menus