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Prison Gangs

The Prison Gangs topic page provides COs with updated information on the language, codes, and habits of prison gangs.

The inmate was charged with attempted murder and has been transferred to a different corrections facility in Tucson
The indictment alleges an extensive criminal enterprise in which gang members, including inmates within the Georgia DOC, orchestrated numerous crimes, including murders, attempted arson and drug trafficking inside and outside of GDOC facilities
The contemporary digital landscape is generating vast reservoirs of data that agencies must connect and analyze
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found COs in Georgia are paid less than COs in other states and 8 in 10 of the arrests were women, often under the age of 30
Inmate Joseph Hutchinson’s death comes one month after Michael Torres, a Mexican Mafia member who controlled rackets in L.A. County jails, was killed on the yard
Recruiting and operating organized crime gang members and bosses as long-term confidential criminal informants is a dangerous game for law enforcement officers
Bulger’s transfer to W. Va. prison was well-known to other inmates and he was beaten to death just hours after his arrival
Father Gregory Boyle recognized for a lifetime of helping former gang members reclaim their lives after prison
COs were assaulted when they responded to a gang-related altercation between prisoners that occurred in an open area inside the facility
Sean McKinnon, 36, was on federal supervised release when he was arrested Thursday in Florida on charges including conspiracy to commit first degree murder
The effort by attorneys for accused Aryan Brotherhood member Brant “Two Scoops” Daniel comes as two guards at the prison have pleaded guilty to a cover-up at the facility
Two consecutive governors previously blocked parole for Rene “Boxer” Enriquez in part based on the argument that he is safer in prison than on the streets
“Gross understaffing,” “uncontrolled gang activity,” and inmates having “unfettered access to contraband” were among the DOJ’s findings
The brutal attack left the officer temporarily without sight in her right eye
Staffing shortages are so severe at the facility that gangs and “inmate committees” control many aspects of life