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Prison Tattoos

The Prison Tattoos topic serves as a resource for news articles, training and expert commentary on inmate tattoos. Discover the meaning of 15 prison tattoos, find out why correctional facilities should photograph detainee tattoos, test your prison tattoo identification skills and read how tattoo removal can change the face of corrections.

The suit was filed on behalf of women arrested for minor offenses who had photos taken of tattoos on or near intimate body parts during booking
The log of photos is helpful to LEOs in the field because it’s another tool they can use to identify dangerous suspects
Tattoos have come to be as significant an identifier as fingerprints and intake photos
Eric Judkins was arrested without incident, as was another man wanted on a probation violation
“You can get your doctorate degree in prison, but if you go out and have the potentially offensive tattoos showing, mostly likely you’re not going to get the job”
Removing visible antisocial or gang-related tattoos improve an offender’s chance for staying out of prison and obtaining employment
A man will not get to hide his tattoos during his upcoming murder trial punishable by the death penalty
Are you a master at identifying the meaning behind prison ink? Test yourself!
U.S. deputy marshal spotted the tattoo when he pulled alongside Danei Washington Gordon as he rode a bicycle
These tattoos became intricate works of art that detailed not only an inmate’s crimes, but a good portion of their lives
Here are 20 more awesome correctional officer tattoos, some of them serious, and some a little more tongue in cheek
Leaders of Hamilton County’s Re-entry Office are optimistic that the program, which relies on volunteer doctors instead of tax dollars, will tear down one of the biggest barriers confronting former inmates
We asked and you answered – here’s some really awesome CO ink!
The campaign, titled “Freedom Tattoo,” helps inmates move on without visual reminder of their past
Court ruled that drastic action is needed after Curtis Allgier threatened his lawyers and acted extremely disruptive