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Public Perceptions

The Public Perceptions topic page gives corrections spokespeople the tools and techniques to increase effective communications with various media entities and help shape the public’s perception of the prison system.

Jail staff will show visitors the booking area, administration offices, housing units and the jail kitchen
We asked Americans if they prefer COs to serve in a more “traditional” punitive and custody-focused manner or to take a more “progressive” rehabilitative approach
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The interactive dashboard provides daily updates and summary information about the current inmate population
“I wanted to uplift them and give them some classical inspiration with a little bit of the free world,” said the director of the women’s prison seminary.
As jail administrators, the media is only our enemy if we let them be
According to a recent report, a lot more needs to be done to support the vast majority of COs who do their jobs well
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A Sunstar paramedic was denied service after being told by an employee “we don’t serve officers in here”
Here’s how we can defend corrections at a high level
Judge Tracey Flemings-Davillier said she made the decision “due to the court having received repeated threats”
Labor union MCO is taking steps to lift up the achievements of members and CO supporters
Officer Regina Ward said she just reacted by “instinct” and “did what I’m trained to do”
Working with sex offenders presents unique stressors for mental health workers
The therapy was developed in response to the high rate of trauma and suicide rates within the combat veteran community