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Contraband: Smuggling

After escaping by pepper-spraying a deputy and stealing a cruiser, the recaptured inmate also faces new charges, including attempting to smuggle cigarettes and a lighter into jail
Depositions state the couple received money from inmates via Cash App to bring drugs into the lockup; the wife received the payments and transferred money to her husband
To prevent the smuggling of contraband into the Baldwin County Jail, inmates are only allowed to have the Bible and the Koran
California’s program of offering naloxone to all departing prisoners “has and does save lives,” an attorney said. “Without this treatment, the number of overdoses, we believe, would be far larger”
During a search of the nurse’s vehicle, deputies found additional jail documents, medication originating from the jail, personal journals and notes addressed to inmates
When the Lee Correctional Facility inmate called T-Mobile’s tech support, the representative informed the inmate that the phone could not be reactivated because “it has been associated with a contraband device”
The detention officer’s chip bags were searched after she allegedly left her post without permission or even the knowledge of her supervisor
The suspects were also carrying a bullhorn, two pairs of binoculars and three large Allen wrench-style tools, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office said
From scissors to cellphones, and everything in between, there’s never a dull moment in the world of contraband
6 people, employed by the Sacramento County Jail’s healthcare contractor, have been arrested for smuggling drugs into the jail
Months ago Krystle Burrell admitted that while she worked at Rikers Island she smuggled Terrae Hinds two cell phones, helped him sell drugs and accepted bribes
One CO allegedly received more than $15K from inmates over eight months for giving out contraband items
Harrison Royster Jones, of H.R. Jones Law, is charged with trafficking heroin and promoting prison contraband
Officials seized a cellphone and charger, marijuana, tobacco, lighter and the suspected synthetic drug K2 from inmates
Deputies seized synthetic marijuana, prescription drugs and nearly an ounce of meth
Justin Rodriguez faces two felony charges, including a conspiracy count; each count carries one to 10 years in prison
The FBI began investigating Michael Mattern after inmates reported him to other prison officials
The sheriff is looking into accusations of “inappropriate” conduct by food service employees
Coffee Creek Correctional Facility Officer Richard Steven Alberts II pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiring to distribute controlled substances and distribution of heroin
Officials would not say if COs will be assigned to make photocopies
Since September 2013, 641 contractors have been disciplined for smuggling into Ohio prisons
Authorities say they have indicted nearly 200 people in Maryland — COs and inmates alike — for prison smuggling in recent years
Authorities arrested Nicholas Celius, 23, after police found him near the jail with a backpack full of marijuana, crack cocaine and heroin
The drone crashed into fencing around the facility on Oct. 26. The incident is still under investigation.
Inmates at the Barra da Grota prison used a mouse with bags of drugs tied to its tale to ferry the contraband between cells
A package connected to the drone with fishing wire contained 5 ounces of marijuana, two hacksaw blades, a cellphone and accessories, cigarettes, cigars, glue, methamphetamines and heroin
Charles Westly Brooks, 43, is currently serving a life sentence for a murder conviction