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Supreme Court

Lt. Debra Clayton was shot and killed in a Walmart parking lot; a second officer was killed in a traffic collision during a manhunt for the suspect
Investigators believe Heather Leavell-Keaton and her boyfriend physically abused the children for years, locked them in closets and gave them little food
The corrections commissioner said the prison system has also added medical professionals, ordered new equipment and conducted additional rehearsals
Smith was set to die in 2022, but survived after workers couldn’t start an intravenous line for the lethal injection drugs before the state’s execution warrant expired
Jurors in the inmate’s case were wrongly told that the only way to ensure he would never walk free was to sentence him to death
Several other states, including California and Georgia, allow for a multi-day execution process
Prior to the ruling, execution warrants in the state were only valid for the day noted on the court order
The order came after a Kankakee County judge said the provisions were unconstitutional
Two 2022 called-off execution attempts have led to a top-to-bottom internal review of the Alabama death penalty process
Benjamin Cole, sentenced to death for killing his 9-month-old daughter, will receive a lethal injection on Thursday
Justices rejected Texas’ defense of its policy of allowing an inmate’s spiritual adviser to be present but without speaking or touching the inmate
The 1909 law said inmates serving a life term are deemed dead “with respect to property rights, the bond of matrimony and other civil rights”
The change could mean many of those who have already done decades in prison for their juvenile crimes will remain there for good
A former prisoner claims his right to free speech under the First Amendment was violated when he was disciplined for a profanity-laced statement he made to a CO
32 death row inmates are asking the state’s high court to declare Tennessee’s lethal injection method unconstitutional
The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in the case of an inmate sentenced to death for killing an officer in 1985 but who can no longer remember the murder
A 2016 Supreme Court ruling found mandatory life-without-parole sentences for juveniles were cruel and unusual punishment
Robert McCoy repeatedly objected to his lawyer’s decision to acknowledge that McCoy killed the son, mother and step-father of his estranged wife
The justices on Monday let stand the convictions and death sentences of Abel Daniel Hidalgo
Donna Roberts was convicted of planning her ex-husband’s 2001 killing in hopes of collecting insurance money
The justices appeared to be in broad agreement that a lawyer can’t override his client’s wish and concede his guilt
SCOTUS is giving a death row inmate whose execution was called off last year another chance to raise claims of racial bias on his jury
Death row inmate Donna Roberts was convicted of planning her ex-husband’s 2001 killing with a boyfriend in hopes of collecting insurance money
The court will not hear the case involving inmate Keighton Budder, who was convicted of rape and received three consecutive life sentences plus 20 years
The court will hear arguments by inmate Timothy Carpenter, who was convicted for armed robbery after police used phone data to track him down
Jack Greene was scheduled to die Thursday night for the 1991 slaying of Sidney Burnett before the Supreme Court granted an emergency stay
A prior ruling said the inmate couldn’t be executed because he’s suffered from strokes and doesn’t understand his death sentence
The March ruling left prosecutors and defense attorneys scrambling to review cases, some dating back decades
Jack Greene wanted hearings on grounds that lower courts too often reject appeals, that he is not mentally competent and that his lawyer was bad