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Transgender Inmates

The 55-year-old prisoner, suing as Jane Doe, claims the Georgia Department of Corrections has a ban on providing gender-affirming surgery to transgender inmates
Corrections is an ever-changing industry, and those changes are most obvious when we look at legal trends
The deal with a disability rights group, if approved by a judge, requires state prisons to have mental health and medical staff who specialize in gender-affirming care
Broome County Sheriff says the agreement establishes “clear LGBTI Guidelines, which were previously nonexistent”
After an assault, Maryland corrections officials placed Chelsea Gilliam in solitary confinement for months, according to the lawsuit
Officials: Revision “would do nothing to redirect other agency arrestees, failing to ensure officers take arrestees to a facility that aligns with their gender identity”
The woman sued over alleged mistreatment while in custody, but decided not to proceed the day before the trial was set to begin
Amber McLaughlin, 49, spoke with a spiritual advisor as she received a lethal injection of pentobarbital for killing Beverly Guenther in 2003
Amber McLaughlin’s scheduled execution for murdering a former girlfriend will be the first of an openly transgender woman
In a lawsuit, the plaintiff claimed that “strip searches by prison guards who were female at birth conflict with his religious faith, which bars him from exposing his body to a woman other than his wife.”
Kyle Harris of Charlotte, N.C. pleaded guilty on Monday to two counts of sexual activity by a custodian
She, and her lawyers with the ACLU, claim prison has failed to dispense Zayre-Brown’s prescribed hormones and has denied her request for surgical vaginoplasty
The study, called the Gender Informed Practices Assessment, takes a compressive systemic look at women’s prison practices
The changes would put the Orange County jail system ahead of other facilities statewide, a disability rights attorney said
The state’s policy does not require transgender inmates to undergo gender-reassignment surgery to be held in the facility
BOP’s policies for transgender inmates were thrust into the spotlight this week after the 2017 Minnesota mosque bomber, who id’s as trans, was sentenced
The ACLU of Illinois calls the ruling a “major victory”
The move makes New Jersey one of just a handful of states with detailed policies on housing and providing medical care to trans prisoners
Staff Misconduct
Kyle Harris had been suspended pending an investigation since May 21
She had been the only person classified as “female” to be housed in a men’s facility anywhere in the state
Officials must provide “reasonably safe conditions of confinement and adequate medical care for all prisoners”
Lawyers for Ashley Diamond said she has experienced physical and mental trauma that has resulted in multiple attempts at suicide and self-castration
Senate Bill 258 would require officials to create regulations in the handling of transgender inmates, including providing “cultural competency” training for staff
Along with damages, the inmate is seeking to be transferred out of Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women
The lawsuit alleges multiple MDOC staff members ignored the inmate’s pleas for help, accused her of lying, and mocked and laughed at her
Ashley Diamond said officials have failed to protect her from repeated sexual assaults behind bars and failed to provide her with adequate medical treatment
The law applies only if the state does not have “management or security concerns”
More states have moved transgender women to women’s prisons on a case-by-case basis
In addition to the risk of depression and suicide, transgender people experience sexual violence, harassment and other adverse conditions at higher rates than the general population