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By lowering the age requirement to age 18 for COs, the J. Reuben Long Detention Center has under 20 openings; last year, the jail was facing 50 open positions.
A state corrections spokesperson stated that staffing shortages are exacerbated by the remote locations of many state prisons, which are typically difficult to staff
One union called the potential action a “slap in the face for the heroes who put their lives on the line every day”
When the facility lost two of four correctional officers in September, it was no longer able to operate
Lack of staff and training impedes policy adherence in the facility, according to 162-page report by federal monitors
A report two years into Mayor Adams’ administration reveals surging incidents of stabbings, slashings amid pervasive, imminent risk of harm at NYC jails
Federal authorities seek witness, victim reports of physical assault and employee misconduct at West Virginia correctional complex
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found COs in Georgia are paid less than COs in other states and 8 in 10 of the arrests were women, often under the age of 30
State DoC commissioner tells lawmakers having enough COs is the key to stopping violence and managing rehabilitation programs
MTC failed to provide enough staff, including 12,000 unfilled mandatory shifts from 2017 to 2020, to ensure the safety of prison employees and inmates
The plan includes $5K retention and signing bonuses for personnel in the jail that has 14 of its 36 positions vacant
Recent escapes in county jails have representatives increasingly concerned about security and punishing escapees
According to the report, “in addition to any potential human failures, staffing shortages and pressures, policy deficiencies and ambiguities, and historical internal practices were chief contributing factors”
Union president for COs jokes that “everything runs off duct tape and band-aids” in the understaffed prison with failing infrastructure
Lieutenant (Ret.) Gary Cornelius discusses steps you can take to maintain officer morale while providing quality supervision of inmates and enhancing the careers of staff.