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Video in Corrections: How technology is transforming prison & jail operations

Video technology is impacting every facet of modern-day life, shaping the delivery of education and training, transforming how we communicate with each other, and advancing surveillance and security. This special coverage series takes an in-depth look at how correctional facilities can use video to improve both operational efficiency and officer and inmate health and safety.

Through the provision of efficient, detailed, real-time data, video analytics give correctional facilities the tools to identify threats and enhance safety
In the right hands, drones can be a powerful asset to any correctional facility, rather than a recurrent threat
A vehicle video surveillance system can alleviate COs and agencies of any liability in the midst of an unpredictable incident during inmate transport
Telehealth programs can increase inmate access to care, lower costs and allow inmates to be seen sooner
Once a properly-implemented video visitation becomes the norm at a correctional facility, contraband issues decrease while security improves