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Contraband: Weapons

The rare lockdown in the nation’s largest prison system, which comes during a heat wave, is happening as officials ‘confront the root causes’ of drug contraband and violence
Justin Robinson and another inmate used a weak metal shiv to strike the CO in the neck, but didn’t cause serious physical injuries
The mayhem started early in the morning when a corrections officer saw three detainees slashing an inmate
The Bureau of Prisons said the weapon had been concealed inside the prison
The weapon misfired and the female visitor was uninjured
The inmate had four golf ball-size bruises on the upper back and a head bruise following the incident
The officer was stabbed multiple times with a shank-type weapon during a riot
A source confirmed that a firearm was discovered on the 6th floor of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn
The pens had gouge marks on them and appeared to have deflected the attack, the union said
The officer was taken to a local hospital, and was expected to be released Monday night
The proper handling and documenting of contraband evidence is important for investigative purposes
The inmate ended up in the hospital after the attack; two officers received hand injuries
The inmate cut the CO from the left side of his mouth to his ear with an unknown weapon
It’s the facility’s second reported attack on a detention officer with an inmate-manufactured weapon this year
The officer was treated at a local hospital for multiple stab wounds