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In Public Safety features analysis and commentary on issues relating to law enforcement, emergency management, fire services and national intelligence. Articles are authored by leading experts with decades of experience.

The current practice of mandating overtime does far more harm than good, especially in the long-term
Both individual and group counseling sessions provide a welcoming space for children to discuss worries and share experiences unique to being in a law enforcement family
How law enforcement officers are learning to cope with the effects of trauma and stress
Sometimes referred to as “paper terrorists,” sovereign citizens should be carefully monitored
Soft skills are challenging to quantify and measure, but are something that criminal justice employers seek out in candidates
The National Institute of Corrections encourages transformational leadership, which is based on mentorship and accessibility
A well-designed and implemented multi-faceted approach to offender reentry is significantly lowering recidivism rates
Perhaps the most common form of corruption in prisons is the smuggling in of contraband
Excessive bail is a major issue for low-level, non-violent, non-serious misdemeanor defendants who pose little threat to public safety
Legislation like the Clean Slate bill keeps ex-prisoners out of the correctional system, minimizing costly recidivism rates and enhancing public safety
Our criminal justice system should not unfairly target individuals of lower socioeconomic means; here’s what needs to change
Taking care of yourself is the most important step you can take to be successful as a new CO
There are many ways correctional officers can intervene if they suspect inmates are spreading radical beliefs within an institution
Correctional facilities need to build bridges between prisoners and the community to give inmates the best chance for a successful reintegration
Strategies to enable probation and parole to help offenders reintegrate into society can have a dramatic effect on recidivism rates